I've loved capturing the beauty in the world around me for 15+ years (yes, that makes me old!). Taking photographs, capturing precious memories for families and individuals, and having fun with my clients has always been a passion of mine. You'll have a fun time with me, we'll capture amazing memories, and all of thisĀ for an amazingly low price.

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Beachbody Coach

Shhhh! Don't tell everyone, but my major in college was Physical Education and Health. Why is that a secret? Well, because throughout my twenties, and even the first part of my thirties, I haven't been such a good "student" when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition....UNTIL now!

In June 2017 I made a commitment to start working out to improve my health, positive mindset, and overall well being. With the work outs Beachbody has to offer, and the healthy Shakeology shakes, I'm super pumped about inspiring others to lose (or gain) weight, and get into the best shape of their lives.

My goal.....have a 6 pack before the age of 40!

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Children's Book Author

That's right boys and girls, I'm a self published author of two children's books titled, "Ally The Accepting Alligator" and "George The Generous Giraffe." These are 2 of many more books to come. They both rhyme, are full of colorful animals, and teach a stories about generosity and acceptance that kids (and their parents) love.

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