kameron trumbo

Who Am I?

Howdy! I'm a virtual assistant from Oregon who loves to help others.

Yes, I have self published children's books.

Yes, I'm a photographer as well.

Yes, I'm able to create and edit audio and video.

Yes, I have a podcast and love making YouTube videos.

Yes, I've grown a following on Instagram and know how to work with social media sites to deliver content your audience will love!

Yes, I've created all of the websites for these passions of mine. Now it's time to help you with yours as your V.A.

But, mostly I'm just a guy who loves his rescued dogs and cats, who loves to spend time outdoors doing things like snowboarding, mountain bike riding, and enjoy what life has to offer! I am a dreamer and want to suck as much out of life as I can! Whether you enjoy my work as a photographer, author, or as I assist you with my virtual assistance worker, know that I'm happy to be on this Earth to help you and your business grow as I'm growing too. Let's grow together?